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The heart of Dream Productions lies in our office, where beautiful masterpieces are created to immortalize the love shared by our clients from all over the world. Our office is where we meet with our clients, and build a lasting bond with them. Our beginning roots have grown into an experienced company with solid branches into the future. Our office is home to employees of various different backgrounds, who work together to form a creative culture of unique minds. Film, cinematography, and weddings form the basis of our work, which is so much more than a job to us, but more so our passion and livelihood. Dream Productions has harboured great success from which we have now taken on global projects, and have substantiated offices in Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary.

In order to guarantee that you receive the highest quality service possible, we keep up to date with film technology, cinematic video styles, and we use the latest movie tools and High Definition DSLR camera technology. Every wedding marks an adventure for us, and each client’s experience with Dream Productions begins in our office. We like to first meet with each of the couples we work with; it is through this initial meeting that we get to know you as a couple, your unique story, and your creative vision. Our office is an innovative facility that capitalizes on the highest mediums of film technology. It is in this office where we will introduce you to some of the creative directors and editors who make up our versatile team. Our approach is entirely centered on you - you as a couple, what your wedding represents, what your vision encompasses, and what your unique story is.

Dream Productions prides itself on our state of the art offices that provide a home base for our leading team of production directors, creative producers, editors, and administrative staff. Each member of our team is educated and skilled in his or her field of expertise, and each individual effort is collectively assembled to create media productions of world-renowned quality. Every astounding cinematic production is conceived on site of a wedding, but conceptualized within our office, which is the home of Dream Productions.


The vibrant and lively city of Toronto is the home of Dream Productions’ initial beginnings, and continues to thrive in the boom of the wedding industry.


The forever-expanding city of Calgary promises new avenues of success for Dream Productions to capture cinematic film in the heart of the New West.


The stunningly scenic city of Vancouver has welcomed Dream Productions’ as a strong asset to the wedding and film industry in British Columbia.