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How long does it take to receive a final product?

The final product is completed in as little as 30 days after your event, or as long as 6-8 months depending on your individual package and what it entails.

How do you customize a product to the client’s liking?

Dream Productions will set up a creative consultation with each client where we will get to know the couple, find out how they met, their story, what they like/dislike, their hobbies, preferred music types, and personal vision for their wedding. Based on a mutual discernment, we will customize your package and ensure that we create a final product that you will be completely happy with.

How does Dream Productions collaborate with Photography companies?

We will contact your scheduled photographer beforehand, and conduct research on their photography and their style to ensure a coherency. Dream Productions will synchronize dates with your photographer so our companies do not come in the way of each other’s work.

What are your hiring credentials?

All of our employees must have a minimum post secondary education and a minimum of 5 years experience working in the film industry. Upon hiring, our employees go through training process for a minimum of 6 months with a team of managers and directors in order to teach our employees the unique Dream Productions style of work.

What is the protocol to shoot a destination wedding?

If your wedding is located at a far off destination spot, the client is in charge of accommodating the flight for our team to and from the location, and providing any other necessary transportation cover. We will take the responsibility of taking our own equipment and appropriate technology. We take the initiative to research the destination of choice to locate beautiful local landmark areas for the pre-shoots.

What is a Same Day/Next Day Edit?

A Same Day/Next Day Edit is a 4-8 minute highlight video of the events of the ceremony to show at the reception either the same day of the wedding or the next day. It also incorporates footage from Film E-Shoots that we capture prior to the wedding to add some creativity.

What is a Film E-Shoot?

A Film E-Shoot is creative footage where we will go with a couple to an iconic place of their choice. Here we will direct and capture creatively unique footage which will be incorporated into the Same Day Edit.

What is a crane?

A crane is a camera attached to a 20 foot pole that allows our crew to capture aerial shots, performances of dancing, entrances, and shots over a crowd of guests. We recommended the use of a crane for receptions of over 450 people.

What is a SteadyCam?

A SteadyCam is a camera stabilizer mount for motion picture cameras that mechanically isolates it from the operators movement and allows for smooth uniform shots.

What is a drone?

A drone is a remote controlled apparatus equipped with a camera that can fly over, hover still, or follow what you are filming. The drone is capable of taking aerial view shots at 25-2000 feet above the ground, capturing your event from an incredible perspective. The use of film drones has revolutionized cinematography and will give a professional appearance to your video production.

What is the advantage of having a Blu-ray vs. a DVD?

Blu-ray allows you to watch the format in high definition with up to 1080 pixel resolution. A DVD provides video quality of up to 420 pixels which is not high definition. Blu-ray allows you to maximize video quality, whereas DVD provides standard quality at a more affordable rate.  All of our packages come standard with Blu-Ray.

How long in advance to we need to book before the date of our wedding?

We recommend that you get in touch with Dream Productions a minimum of one year, and a recommended 1.5 years before your wedding date because we have limited dates reserved. However, always be sure to call or email our office to check date availability, because we may have cancellations from which open spots become available.

How are payments made?

An initials deposit is taken from our clients to secure event dates, upon booking. And payments are broken up into 3 disbursements which we will discuss when you contact us. Ask about our Dream Productions easy payment plan.

What is your pricing?

Packages start at $3500 upwards to $20 000. Don’t be discouraged or influenced by our price range. We understand that weddings expenses can accumulate. We will work around your needs and vision to create a package best tailored to you.

How do we contact you if we do not live in proximity to one of your office locations?

We allow our clients to communicate with our office via Skype or through a conference call in order to speak with one of our representatives.

What is a creative consultation?

A creative consultation is our meeting with the couple 30-45 days before the wedding which we will set up after booking to discuss your itinerary, Same Day Edit, the final product, and music options for your masterpiece.

How many hours of shooting is involved in a wedding?

Every client’s wedding is different, but typically the average wedding ranges from 8-30 hours of solid shooting. Every client’s needs vary, but upon meeting with us we will provide our professional opinion of the recommended number of hours of shooting. Please know that our work is not restricted to a set number of hours, and we can customize our hours of shooting based on your individual requirements and preferences.

Who picks the Same Day Edit music and style?

This is usually a joint decision between the bride and groom and the director of your wedding. We will come up with a style of music that will compliment you as a couple and how you envisioned your Same Day Edit to be. This may be a decision entirely up to you, or we are more than happy to provide our expert guidance on song selection.

What are your policies for privacy for the final product and video?

We ask every client beforehand for their consent of whether or not we can release their Same Day Edit and blog it on our website. This is completely optional, and if they don’t want it to be featured publicly then we will fully respect their privacy.

How many staff members are involved in the production of my wedding video?

Between 2-15 of our team members are involved in the production of your video from start to end, depending on your package and video requirements.

What are additional add-on features?

Add-on features include concept (skit) videos, Same Day Edits, a surplus of cinematographers, and the use of specific technologies like a crane. Anything coming from your visionary perspective can be made possible at Dream Productions.

Do you do skit videos?

We do organize concept/skit videos, but keep in mind that not all couples have a strong acting ability which may influence the quality of your production. We do however have a director on site who will help bring out your acting abilities to produce a well established skit.

What is a save the date website and trailer?

This is a specific video made to publicize the date of your wedding amongst your guests. This can be either an independent video, or shared on social media, or we can make a specific website that showcases your video through which people can RSVP straight to the clients provided email link.

How far is your team willing to travel to shoot a wedding?

Dream Productions is willing to travel to any location in the world to shoot your wedding, as long as it conforms to our availability. Distance of travel is a separate entity to your price package.

What is the process of video production after the wedding?

We assign a manager to your project whom you communicate with back and forth through our online cloud system, called Dream Cloud. You will receive a login username and password for the Dream Cloud portal which you can access to communicate with your chief editor and customize your project firsthand.

What technology do you use for your video productions?

Our office is equipped with Apple operating systems and we use cameras of DSLR technology. Dream Productions is a technologically advanced company and we are constantly buying and upgrading new systems to stay consistent with emerging trends in cinematic video production.

How do you backup and store all of your footage?

There are two Advanced backup systems within our head office that constantly back up your footage every few days to ensure its security. The raw footage from your project is copied from the backup storage to another hard drive which the editor will use to edit your video.

What is the policy of etiquette for your staff working on site?

Dream Productions is a highly respected company in the wedding industry, and we do do everything in our power to maintain a strict image of professionalism. Our entire team of staff keep a professional attitude, dress in company uniforms, are punctual, and always put forth their highest standards of work.