Dream Productions in Vancouver: Sunny and Jag’s Journey to Expansion

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We made it official – Dream Productions is now up and running in beautiful Vancouver, BC! A company which started out in Toronto has now expanded into Vancouver due to the high demand of our team to venture out and shoot weddings in locations all throughout Canada and the world. It has been made possible through the ambitious efforts of Jag Budwal, the creative visionary of our team and Sunny Pannu, the business savvy entrepreneur who have both worked hard to ensure the success of Dream Productions which has been ranked as the #1 World’s Best Wedding Cinematography Company by Wedding Industry Experts. This is a company that emerged in 2009 as an undergraduate university project by Dream’s Director of Production, Sunny Pannu. From a mere vision, it has materialized into a real and tangible business – a true gem in the wedding industry. The ground-breaking success of Dream Productions has made it possible to take on new routes of expansion. Our creative and artistic flair has made its way from the east to west coast of Canada, and will continue to grow and develop to meet future goals. Dream Productions has made its mark globally, as we have shot weddings in Toronto, Winnipeg, Cancun, Rochester, Detroit, Mumbai, Panama, Dubai, and we anticipate many other destination venues for 2014 onwards.

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