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From the beautiful tropics to sunny beaches, our Destination Wedding videos captures Dreams in real-life

Destination Wedding: A Dream Come True

From romantic villas, to sunny beaches, and hot tropical paradise locations – a Destination wedding is supposed to be a truly magical experience. Destination Weddings capture the best of both worlds. They provide a truly romantic backdrop for your special day and allow those nearest to you to have some fun too!

Are you planning a Destination Wedding? Have your wedding and honeymoon captured in the most exotic and intimate of places. Book a Destination Wedding Package with Dream Productions anywhere in the world and receive our unique extended travel service. We work with you and your creative vision to make your special travel-journey and life-journey come to realization.


1. The Big Step

The Big Step

Scheduling your initial meeting with the Dream Productions team is the very first step in creating your visual masterpiece. The first meeting is a stepping stone in forming a personal bond with our creative team during which we will:

  • Get to know your personalities, and your story as a couple
  • Talk about Same Day Edit concepts
  • Introduce you to the Dream Productions experience
  • Give you a tour of the company office, and introduce you to our team
  • Discuss the options for your unique package, individual requirements, and pricing
  • Talk about the style and look of your video production
  • Show you some of our showcased Same Day Edits
  • Present to you final products of our work, through which you may view and critique a full example of a Dream Productions wedding video
2. The Signing

The Signing

Your second meeting at our office will solidify your collaboration with Dream Productions as your official wedding cinematographers, during which we will:

  • Discuss the direction you want your video production to take
  • Brainstorm possible concepts and styles for your Same Day Edit
  • Talk about your event day(s), schedules, and timing
  • Recommend & suggest other vendors in the wedding industry for possible venues, photography, DJ services, makeup artists, limo; and receive priority pricing with our many affiliated vendors
  • Provide you with our expert guidance on the flow of your wedding day
3. Storyboarding


During this meeting, we will get all creative ideas out in the open and:

  • Discuss your vision as a couple, and the look & style of your Same Day Edit
  • Brainstorm storyboard concepts which will personalize your Same Day Edit
  • Meet and talk to our director Jag S. Budwal who will ensure the smooth operation of your video production
  • Plan the location of your creative pre-shoot
4. Creative Consultation

Creative Consultation

The creative consult meeting will take place weeks prior to your wedding date, during which we will:

  • Discuss your wedding itinerary, event times, and other outstanding details
  • Confirm locations of scheduled events, and synchronize our shooting and editing schedule with your itinerary
  •  Provide you with our expert advice on how you can get the most out of your big day in a way that will best represent your creative vision
  • Have a summative discussion with our director Jag S. Budwal about final details
5. Masterpiece

Your Masterpiece

  • A link for your Same Day Edit will be provided after your wedding day via YouTube or Vimeo for you to share online with friends and family. This will serve as a recap of your special day, while you anticipate the final product.
6. Final Product

Final Product

  • Upon completion of your final product, we will invite you to come into our office for a screening in our Theatre Room. At this screening, you will get a chance to view your product with your chief editor and go through the film for any workable changes.
Pick Up

Pick Up

  • After screening and approval, you may come into our office to pick up your final product to keep as a visual memory of your special day for years to come!